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Thursday, June 25, 2015

List of Qualified Fire Officer 1 (FO1) Applicants


1.         Africa, Rio Angelo A
2.         Amador, Gladys Mae L
3.         Ang ,Roldan E.
4.         Arobo, Glemor A.
5.         Anoos, Eunice A.
6.         Atillo, Andrian G.
7.         Avergonzado, Arnel A.
8.         Baruis, ShielanLederesa L.
9.         Benitez, Jacquelyne B.
10.       Batosalem, Ranzen John J.
11.       Bucod, Ivan Jude H.
12.       Cabillar, Jilbert M.
13.       Cadiente, Patrick Adriann M.
14.       Cainglet, Erwing A.
15.       Carillo, Sarah Jane S.
16.       Castillo, Ira Kathrine Y.
17.       Cejuela, Jay T.
18.       Corilla, John Adonis W.
19.       Cortez, Jonathan S.
20.       Cosido,Kim Lester R.
21.       Cotelo,Ervie G.
22.       Cubio, Jon Edward S.
23.       Dablo, Februsel Van D.
24.       Dahab,Mona Liza E.          
25.       Decierdo, Khevin T.
26.       DelaCerna, Ariel M.
27.       Deligero, Raff Louie M.
28.       Dumagan, Ilona Jean P.
29.       Escobar, Joan C.
30.       Ferrer, Ian G.
31.       Flores, Rommel E.
32.       Francisquette, Jestoni C.
33.       Gangis, Al Johani B.
34.       Guilaran, RoqueJr B.
35.       Ho, Katrina Jane B.
36.       Jakosalem, Zimross M.
37.       Lavega, Jay Lord A.
38.       Legaspi, Zoren B.
39.       Lofranco, Sunny James R.
40.       Luis, John Paul P.
41.       Macalisang, Ryan L.
42.       Magno, Ted Jason L.
43.       Maiquilla, John Rey S.
44.       Mante, Von Arvin A.
45.       Mariano, Rozel B.
46.       Masanguid, Ken B.
47.       Mayola, Joseph Jr B.
48.       Mijares, Ralkee E.
49.       Morales, Neil Jason P.
50.       Moriones, John Lloyd B.
51.       Moriones, Johnrey B.
52.       Musa, Jhonaro S.
53.       Navarro, Jumar Q.
54.       Neri, Raphael Joshua A.
55.       Ocampo, Joel Jr E.
56.       Orias, Mark Lester B.
57.       Panday, Ernan Jones S.
58.       Pantanosas, Princess B.
59.       Pantilag, Sharmin Joy T.
60.       Pastor, Jane Candece B.
61.       Payot, Julieto P.
62.       Pelostratos, Garry T.
63.       Perdogas, Rogen Gil B.
64.       Perocho, Feona Marie P.
65.       Perocho, Lochinvar Ii C.
66.       Pertubal, Gerald Christopher D.
67.       Puertollano, Santino B.
68.       Raagas, Christian Anthony A.
69.       Ramirez, Jesus B.
70.       Ranolo, John Ariel C.
71.       Remoreras, Vedarfel G.
72.       Rojas, Clarice J.
73.       Santos, Daryl A.
74.       Sayson, Cherelarijoy J.
75.       Semilla, Christian H.
76.       Tadle, Salliz C.
77.       Talledo, Rex Vincent M.
78.       Tago-on, Mary Fe M.
79.       Ydel, Donabel A.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015



             Please be informed that the following applicants have passed the written qualifying examination conducted last May 29, 2015. Be advised to report on June 4, 2015 @ exactly 5:30 AM at the Central Parking Bay, Central Fire Station, for the PHYSICAL AGILITY TEST.    

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Final Instructions for Written Examination!


             Please be reminded of the Simultaneous Written Examination on May 29, 2015 (Friday) at exactly 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon, at the Covered Court, Central Fire Station, Alvarez St., Davao City.

           Applicants must be at the venue at exactly 9:00 o'clock in the morning to finalize the seat plan and check other pertinent documents. Further, applicants must bring the following:

                 1. 2 pcs mongol 2 pencil; 
                 2. 2 pcs black ballpen; 
                 3. 2 valid identification cards; 
                 4. driver's license and NC III certification to the identified drivers. 

           Furthermore, all applicants must wear maong pants, polo shirt and rubber shoes (any color). Be guided accordingly.

              RPSB SECRETARIAT

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


To all applicants, Please be advised to report tomorrow ( May 20, 2015), 9am at the Central parking bay, Alvarez St and bring with you the ff: 2 x 2 id picture with white background and name tag (4 pcs); 2 valid id. RPSB SECRETARIAT.